Monday, July 11, 2011


So, tonight I was trying to get things ready (really fast) so that we could go to the Raptors game. I put our big red jug into the sink and started to fill it and.........left for the game. Mike had stayed home to work on Harry Potter wands and was in the garage. I was sitting at the game, enjoying the weather and some time with my boys, my sister, her hubby and her boys when all of a sudden I realized that THE WATER WAS STILL RUNNING!!! I called Mike and he ran in to find a severely flooded kitchen and water dripping through the ceiling in IZ and Lucas' room.....He told me to stay at the game and he would clean it up! OH THE GUILT! But thankfully I do have a wonderful husband and a wonderful brother in law (Thanks to the Mikes) and things were all cleaned up and torn pu when I got home. Now we just have to dry out! UGH!

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