Monday, December 27, 2010

Oops.....Look, we Decorated a Tree!

I was just looking through pictures and realized that I never blogged our tree decorating escapades!

We were very excited to see that Burches Tree Lot had found a new home in Riverdale since the Cinedome (where Burches used to set up) had been torn down and a LHM car dealership is being built! Lucas had been very stressed about it actually. SO, we went and found ourselves the perfect tree, lugged it home, set it up and........decorated it the next day. Sometimes there is just way too much going on! The kids were all so excited and cute. They had seen/helped me with the Christmas Tree Jubilee tree and so they were all trying to be artistic as they put up their ornaments. Lucas even created an "icicle village" on the back of the tree :) Anyway, here are the pictures!

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