Monday, December 20, 2010

Family Parties :)

Well, some of the best memories I have from my childhood are from family Christmas parties. Every year we had the "BIG Ridd", "Little Ridd", and Horrocks parties. I loved them. It's because of these parties that I have the relationships with my grandpa's siblings that I do. ANYWAY, here's a recap of this years parties!

First we had the Staten party. It had been an INSANE day so of course I forgot the camera, BUT hopefully someone will email me some (hint hint)! We started the party with a little talent show. Ty played Sweet Hour of Prayer, Matt played a song I can't remember the name to, Isaac sang "little people" from Les Mis, Lucas did a somersault and Nick spun in circles. Not bad given that I only told them about it about 20 minutes before we got to the party :). Then we exchanged home made gifts and had a yummy dinner. Everyone had a blast and were all asleep by the time we got home!

Then we had the Horrocks/Wittke party. My mom had decided she wanted to go sledding for the party. The problem is that while we were getting dumped on up here in Ogden, they were getting rained on down there. Which meant no snow. So we went to the top of Suncrest and found a few inches of snow, but still not much. We pulled up to the hill Mom picked and Isaac said "uh, we're gonna die". Yep it was that steep. Add to the steepness the fact that the landing was HORRIBLE. For the most part every adult and a few of the kids walked away injured. Brian even cracked 2 ribs.......of course he and Don built a jump......dumb boys :) After we'd been sufficiently broken, we went back to Mom and Don's for dinner. Don made a yummy beanless chili. Mike was happy :)

I LOVE Christmas parties!

Notice Tyler jumping out of Sinda's way!
hahahaha Tee and Melissa....she was so scared!
Oh my cute baby!

Not easy to climb.....

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