Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Vacation: Wednesday

Today we woke up to MORE RAIN! I don't know if I have ever seen so much rain in December. I had big puddles in my back yard! All day I kept thanking Mike (in my head) for fixing the problem with the downspout in the back yard. No flooding basement! ANYWAY, I digress. The cousins were here until after lunch and everyone actually got along very well. EVEN the 2 year olds. Only a few minor issues :)

Mary and I decided to meet, with our families, at Toads tonight for a little laser tagging. Both of our families got unlimited season passes to Toads and we just HAD to break them in! Only one little problem.........the rain decided to turn into snow. AND all of that wonderful rain turned to ice! The drive was a little icky, BUT once we were there it was awesome! We had to get Tyler home for scouts so it wasn't a LONG stay but it was still a blast!

THEN I got to "brawl" with Tee and Melissa via the internet on the Wii. Not really my game, but we both had it! It was really a lot of fun :)

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