Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Vacation: Monday :)

I love having my kids home. They are just such amazing kids. That being said.... It's always an adventure:)

So yesterday Mike got up and got the kids eating and let me sleep in a bit. So nice. He left for work and told the kids to just be happy and let me sleep.......uh yeah. This is how I woke up...

Nick has a cold and had just coughed so hard that he threw up. SO we cleaned that up, quickly did chores and THEN started the fun parts of our day :)

We ran to Walmart to return a few things (Isaac is now trying to figure out what he can return to the store for money hahahahahaha) . As fabo as my kids are, all 5 with me at the store isn't so FABO! Especially when 2 are wearing Heely's . Ugh. We made it though and then were off to play with Logan. Yes all 4 boys went to play with Logan. They have adopted him as another brother. Nick was furious that I made him stay with me hehehehe. They played together all day. It's so much fun to NOT have school!

Then Mike and I surprised the boys and took them to see Narnia! I liked the movie a lot, HATED that it was 3D. UGH. Nick reminded me again why I don't like to take 2 year olds to movies :) Then it was off to spend our Cafe Rio gift card :) Dinner cost us $.34. AWESOME!

I love family time!

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