Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Matt's 9!!! HOLY COW!!

Well I really can't believe that my sweet Matt is 9! He's grown up so fast that it makes me a little teary! He has always been the sweetest, most thoughtful, and most emotional :) child. I am just so incredibly thankful that he's mine!!

We had his friend party last Friday (May 14th). He just wanted to eat pizza, play video games on the projector, play card games, and play outside with his friends. That made for a PRETTY SIMPLE and fun party for me! I even made a "pizza" cake! There were 9 boys and 5 girls and it was a BLAST! He has GREAT friends and I'm very thankful for them!

Then on Saturday (his actual birthday) after soccer madness, a scout bike ride and some quick house and yard work, we had a great family party. Things worked out and we were able to have both sides of the family here for it! Mike's mom and dad even got back from Holland just in time to get here!

Happy Birthday Matthew!

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mary said...

What a fun party! I can't believe you are 9!! We love you!!