Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Great Mothers day!

Well, I have to say that today has been one of my best Mothers Day's ever, and here's why.......I finally decided that Mothers day is just like any other day only more stressful because for some reason I expect my children to be prefect little angels ALL DAY! Well we all know that 5 boys ( as wonderful as they are) are NOT going to be perfect angels ALL DAY LONG especially when they have to sit through 3 hours of church. So today i decided just to embrace the chaos and love it. worked!!

My day started with all 5 boys in bed with me. They had gotten up and made breakfast with Mike. They made pancakes and then were a little upset that Mike wouldn't let them serve me breakfast in bed! ANYWAY, once it was made they all came in and "snuggled me awake". I had been awake and waiting for them to come and get me for a while, but I could hear their plotting and decided to go along with the "plan". Lucas was so excited to give me my present that I opened it while I ate (thus the LOVELY picture!) But the rest said they would wait until we were all ready for church. I got a darling magnet book mark from Lucas, a cute card and magnet from Isaac, a rose made out of duct tape (SOOOO CUTE) and a sweet letter from Matt, a pocket hymn book , a scout shirt, and the neatest wood box from everyone. I have a VERY talented husband!
Church was also great. Which I have to admit isn't always the case! The kids were great and again, I didn't expect perfection. I loved the primary musical number (this is Tyler's last Mothers Day in primary....sniff sniff) and the VERY best part was the closing Hymn. It was "Praise To The Man", and we have been learning that song as a family for the last few months. All 4 of the older boys know the first 2 verses perfectly and are pretty good at the second 2. I was in tears actually, and I'm not really a crier!

After church Mike made yummy french dip sandwiches and a yummy salad, and then I took a nap! After Naps we all headed down to Mom's for a fun and relaxing evening!

I LOVE being a mom!

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