Monday, May 31, 2010


Lately we've been spending a lot of time on our bikes. Matt and I have joined Mike and Tyler (and a bunch of scouts) on the Cycling Merit badge rides. It's really been a lot of fun.

The first week Mike thought he was going to die. I couldn't figure it out. He's always out ridden me (even pulling the trailer) but I left him in the dust. I was a little worried. Well, Paul came up the next week and he and Mike fixed his bike. The real problem was that his brake was ALWAYS on! hehe. The second 10 mile ride was easy and Mike was much happier.

Then came our first 15 mile ride. It was cold and a little rainy, and we hit a spot on the trail that was under about 12 inches of water. Well I thought it was cool and we rode on through. On our way back it was a lot colder and of course we had to cross back through the water. There were a lot of COLD and numb feet when we were finished, but I thought it was a blast! (Not all mom's were as happy!)

The other day we went on a family ride (about 9 miles) and ISAAC RODE THE WHOLE THING! I was so proud of him!!! It started to rain and then hail! BIG hail stones! The kids just kept on trucking! We got to the bridge at 31st street and hung out while it let up a little and then finished our ride in the rain! Later that day Mike and I went on a short single track trail. I get nervous on single track but man it's fun.
Today was our second 15 mile ride. Mike really wanted to do the Bonneville Shoreline trail. I didn't think it was a grat idea because one of our scouts HATES heights. I mean tears, shaking, clinging to the adult leader, fear of heights. BUT we went anyway. We drove up to rainbow gardens and then started on the trail. Well I ended up at the back with another dad while we waited for our nervous scout walked his bike. He got far enough ahead that I decided to hop on my bike and actually ride for a bit. Well I didn't look at the ground before I started. It was really rocky and my tires hit those and next thing I knew I was tumbling over the edge of the cliff. Over and over I went with basketball sized rocks tumbling with me. Thankfully a tree stopped me and once I got my bearings I was able to climb up and back to the trail. Scott had grabbed my bike (thankfully) and so I checked out my owies, realized nothing was broken and headed up the hill. Thank goodness for adrenaline! I hurt but I am so glad that nothing is broken! Last year a boy broke his femur. ick. Anyway, scott said I kept saying "I'm ok.....OUCH!" Over and over while I was falling. HAHAHAHHA That makes me laugh just to think about it!

I can't wait for next week's ride.....Just no single track!

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