Friday, August 14, 2009


Well, I can't believe that Stephen is home! It feels like the last 2 years have flown by, but then when you look at all that has happened it seems like forever. We were all so excited that the day seemed to drag on and on!We had fun making a sign and then the boys were all so excited to hold it! They stood holding it for probably 30 minutes before he got there! It was so great to see him again!! And it was also really cool to finally meet (in person) Tom and Jenni Gile. Stephen baptized Tom, and they were able to make it out here for his return! After the airport, and Tee's release we all went to dinner. It was a little crazy (all those little boys) but it was fun!Nick finally got to meet his name sake
The boys were so excited for Stephen to run throught he sign!
The nephew's were so excited! They missed "Uncle Tee" do much!!!Stephen meets Don for the first timeStephen and Tom. Tom was one of Tee's investigators, and a wonderful person
Mary and I were totally spying on Tee and Melissa. The blind just fell right as I took a picture!
Crazy boys

Then on Sunday Stephen gave a wonderful talk at church and then we all had a great time hanging out at Mom's. After the crowd's started to clear out, Mike and Jon started playing with the dog's shock collar. Isaac thought it was hilarious and took it on as his personal mission to get everyone to try it. He even said he'd give Melissa a kiss if she'd do it! (Which She did of course!!) I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time!
"The shock collar experience"Bonnie and Beverly thought we were all nuts, But Glade and Kami totally get us!
Tom and Jenni Gile. Part of our family!I'm just so glad that Stephen served a wonderful mission and is now home!!!

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