Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Arrow of Light!

Well, Tyler is officially done earning the big awards in Cub Scouts! He got his Arrow of Light Wednesday! It was so much fun to watch him. He was so incredibly excited that he was shaking! We had arranged for the Order Of The Arrow to come, and when we told Tyler he started to cry because he had wanted his dad to do the ceremony! So Mike being the good Dad that he is went to the fabric store and bought what he needed to make an Indian costume. He had some parts of the costume from when he was a teenager and a member of the Order of The Arrow, but not the actual clothes part! I came home from scrapbooking last Saturday to find Mike sewing his costume! He's amazing! Anyway his costume was very cool and having Uncle Stephen, Grandma and Grandpa Wittke, and Grandpa Staten there made it even better!They had popsicles after pack meeting and Matt was so sweet to share with Nick. Nick however wanted to hold it and refused to hold the stick. Then he screamed cuz it was so cold! Oh boy!

After pack meeting we wend for shakes with Mom and Don and Tee at the Burger Bar. (They have the best shakes....and they're frozen yogurt!) I love my family! Good Job Tyler!!!!!

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Laurie Nguyen said...

How fun! What great family memories!