Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Proud Mom Moment

I have a ton I need to blog about after this last weekend, but I'll have to get to that later. Today I have to write about my wonderful boys. It had been a crazy day. I'd had preschool here (which I actually LOVED), I've been feeling the effects of the stomach flu, Tyler called from school saying that he'd thrown up, and my house was a mess. But it's Kyle's birthday and I really wanted to take him some balloons, so I ignored everything else and headed to Mary's. As we got close to her house I saw a dog in the road that had just been hit. An old man was in the road bent over it waving cars around it and looking completely heart broken. Tyler said "Oh MOM! The dog! That Man!" and then he started to cry. Matt and Isaac were suddenly silent and staring out the window. They were so upset. When we got to Mary's and told her about it she knew who it was and told us that the dog was like that man's child. She called Mike and told him to check on the man on his way home. When Mike walked in Tyler said "was he ok?" Mike was confused and Tyler said "the man with the dog? Was he alright? I'm worried". And then tonight when he prayed he prayed for the man. That he would be ok and not be too sad. Compassion and love for strangers is something that we all need, and lack. I was reminded of the Savoir telling us to be more like a child. I hope that I can be more like my boys.

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mary said...

He's such a sweet boy! I'm impressed that he cares so much about someone he doesn't even know!