Monday, April 20, 2009

A Great Easter Weekend!

Well, it's taken me a week, but I am finally blogging about our crazy Easter weekend. Thursday Mike called from work and said that he had just been told that he had to go to St. George the next day for a meeting. I had just talked to Mary and the boys were sleeping over at her house so.....I decided I wanted to go with him! My Saint of a sister kept the 4 older boys not only over night but all day the next day! 7 boys can be A LOT!!!!! (Especially when they go to bed after 10:30 and then wake up before 6!) Anyway Mike and I (and Nick) left home around 7 and hit St George around 12:15. The Baby slept from Draper to St. George! And then went back to sleep! It was great! (Of course he DID NOT sleep much at all on the way home the next day but you can't win them all can ya?) The next day we had a calm morning. We drove around and looked at the job site and then went to see my Aunt Brande. She hadn't seen the baby yet so that was a lot of fun. Then Mike went to his meeting and I hit the outlet mall! We ate a late lunch with Mike's Mom and Dad and then headed home!

Saturday we had our Easter party at Mom's. We all met and went bowling..........2 games of bowling=a whole lot of fun+a whole lot of tired and ornery children! Then we had a great Easter Egg hunt in the poring rain, a great dinner, colored eggs, decorated a "bunny house", had an Eater lesson and tried to keep kids from melting down! It was a great day.

Sunday was a great relaxing and Christ Centered day. Our little egg hunt and basket excitement was fun and the boys were happy with their Webkins and Bakugan. And then we watched a movie about the Crucifixion and headed to Church. A great way to spend Easter!

Monday the boys and I helped our friend Jamie move. Every time I think I might want to move I just move a friend.....then I'm really content and happy with my house!We were all kneeling down for prayers Monday night and the phone rang. I answered it and by the time I got back Tyler, Isaac, Lucas and the dog were all asleep! Moving after everything else WORE THEM OUT!

It was a very full and fun weekend!

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