Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gettin Down and Dirty!

We got a load of Top Soil on Tuesday morning. The boys and I then spent the afternoon moving dirt (ok so most of the boys played, but they were cute!). I got the flowerbed in the back filled today and then Mike got home, took 2 loads back and then broke the wheelbarrow! He sure got off easy! Of course then he fixed it and finished the garden for me! Then on Thursday Grandpa Jerry came and carted off the rest of the soil to it's home! The kids (Lucas, Isaac, Eli and Tanner) all had a blast playing in the dirt and running from the tractor!

The boys are so good at helping me and working hard!

Look at those feet! Can you imagine the mess they made out of my house??????

Boys and dirt.....there isn't much better is there?

I think I need a tractor. It's so much easier!
Lucas was beat when it was all said and done!

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