Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cycling Merit Badge:)

This year Mike decided to lead the cycling merit badge ride again since Matt was 11.  Little did we know....but Matt decided to train for the Century ride with us and WAY out did the merit badge requirements.  But we had started so we had to finish it.  UGH:) The 50 mile ride was scheduled for the morning after the Antelope ride SO Mike got up at 7 (after 3 hrs of sleep) and went with the scouts to SLC to ride the 50 miles home.  Matt and I slept in and then rode south to meet them and ride home with them.  I think we rode about 20 miles south to find them and then we made our way....slowly....home.  Matt lead the way TRYING to go slow enough.  It was a rough go but we finished (in the rain) and with in the time limit.  We ended at Warrens for shakes (of course) and then some of us rode home in the wind and rain.  A fun little side note though, Sophia did all of the rides with us.  She learned how to push her self physically in a new way and THAT was fun to watch.  I also have to say.....Matt amazes me.  The strength I see in him is  amazing!

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