Friday, July 20, 2012

Boys..Bike Jumps..& Big Owies!

It's not shocking to anyone that I have a house full of boys.  I have a house full of very active and adventurous boys.....lead by a father that fits that same description.  Lately they've been talking a lot about Mountain Biking.  There is a different level of skill needed for technical mtn biking and so Mike and the boys decided to build a little jump to practice jumping and landing said jumps.  I was wary but I figured Mike could either build a fairly safe one or the boys would create one on their own:) SO they spend tonight  going off of....and crashing off of said jump.

Ty had fun.  It took a few runs before he felt comfortable but he had a lot of fun!
 Matt got frustrated because it was easier for Ty (Ty has more weight to help control his bike).  Then he got upset when he crashed and got pretty hurt. But in true Matt form he got back up and kept doing it until he felt like he had it down:)

Isaac was very cautious.  Of course he also had to go first..... He crashed and totally skinned up his elbow.   He did it again (no quitters here), and he got to where he did it pretty well.....but it stressed me out because it would have been so much easier if he'd just ridden faster!  It cracks me up how CAUTIOUS he always is:)

Lucas is an insane dare devil.  He always is just on the verge of disaster and LOVES every second of it! Silly boy.

Nick wasn't to be left behind:)  He started out with Mikes help but before long he was doing it all on his own.  This one isn't ever going to be left behind!

Oh and Mike of course had fun too:)

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