Friday, July 6, 2012

Antelope By Moon Light 2012

Tonight was the Antelope by Moonlight ride.  This was a first for us....and we learned a few priceless lessons. 

#1-Arrive at the Island HOURS early.  Like before the sun sets.  It took us FOREVER to get on the island.  We didn't even start the ride until an hour after it started

#2-Good head lights are a MUST.  We all had them but some of our friends didn't and that was rough

#3-Don't take the little kids in the trailer.....they just get ornery and fight.  Then they fall asleep and hit each other in their sleep

#4- Hill climbing is SO MUCH BETTER INT HE DARK!  I didn't stress because I couldn't see the top!  That part was awesome!

#5- McDonald's at 3am might sound like a bad idea but your kids will think you ROCK!

#6- And last but not least....find a great neighbor to help everyone make AWESOME tie dyed t-shirts!

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