Thursday, April 5, 2012

 We had a great time at Disney but I was so looking forward to a day of exploring!  Mike turned to Google and it lead us to San Pedro CA.  We found a beautiful park right on the ocean. After exploring a bit we went into town and grabbed lunch and then headed back to find the cool free aquarium (BUT of course a donation would be nice:) it still only cost me $25 bucks!)  On our way there we got lost and ended up on the Long Beach race track....which is also a road.  Fun to see though!  We found the Aquarium and that was that.  Everyone was in heaven!  The coolest touching tanks.  The coolest workers.  THE coolest stuff in the Aquarium.  It's a "working aquarium" which means that they breed, hatch and send out to other aquariums, costal fish.  My favorite thing was the baby sharks in their egg cases.  Truly AMAZING! They had a bunch and they were all at different stages of development!  SO COOL!  We spent forever exploring and then we heard that they were doing a grunion hatching.  They had a ton of grunion eggs from the last running and we got to help them hatch!  They put a little sand with eggs in a baby food jar, add sea water and you swirl it around.  Then they hatch! The boys loved it. Heck Mike and I loved it too!  Once we were done we headed to see the tide pools.  BEST tide pools I've seen!  EVER!  We spent forever exploring.  Then we headed over to the sand to try to play in the water even though it was hoodie weather:)  That didn't stop us though!  Isaac and Matt both tried body surfing.  Everyone else had fun jumping waves and running from them.  MAN it was cold!  We were  diehards though and stayed until the sun went down!  Yes we are nuts but it was fun!  I LOVE time with my family!

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