Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 7...Driving....

Well, it's Friday and again we're back in the car!  We have to get home so that Mike can work tomorrow so it's "a drive it all in one day" sort of day.  We started after breakfast and just drove!  The kids did great.  We really only stopped for gas.  Sometimes I think that my kids do better in the car than I do.....I get restless.  We stopped in Cedar City for dinner and were home by bed time!  We did the drive in 12 1/2 hours.  I was shocked actually.  YAY for higher speed limits and no head winds:) 

This was such a great vacation. I am so sad to be home.  I love the time with my family without all of the normal life distractions.  The boys worked so hard with us to make the Harry Potter movie opening's work.  They were so good and so patient that we promised them that some of the $ would go to this trip.  And this trip was wonderful in part because of the hard work that went in to making it happen.  My boys always surprise me.  They are so sweet and thoughtful and appreciative.  They love being together too which limits the fighting :).  I ended this trip just feeling so blessed.  Disney is always great but without my kids it would just be another theme park.  They keep the magic and excitement alive and the love that we have as a family is what makes it so GREAT!  I love you guys!

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