Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 4 California Adventure

 Today we went to California adventure. I knew that it was going to be a rough day.  Nick cried from the minute he woke up.  We decided to start with  monsters Inc. hoping it would help him cheer up.  We rode it twice because the lines where really short and Nick liked it.... sort of.  Then grabbed fast passes for Tower of Terror.  Mike and the 3 olders did that while Lucas and Nick and I hit the bugs life rides.  The little ones enjoyed those.  Our only hiccup was with the little bumper cars.  The guy running the ride let me through with the 2 little ones and then as we were getting on they told me that only 2 of us could go at a time.  WHAT? How do I do that with a 3 year old and a 6 year old?!? UGH.  So Lucas said he would wait while I went with Nick and then we'd try to switch.  I knew that wasn't going to fly but I was going to try.  THANKFULLY a mom that was riding alone offered to let him ride with her.  AND even more amazingly ....... Lucas agreed!  PEW!  After that we met back up with Mike and the other boys and Isaac and I went back to Tower or Terror.  Oh how I LOVE that ride!  Isaac was so funny.  He was more nervous the 2nd time around than he had been the first time:)  After that we hit the Bugs Life movie.  It's still one of the things I look forward to!  After that we went over to Soaring Over California...we had to cheat and fold up my socks and put them in Nick's shoes so he could be 1/4 inch taller and ride it with us!  IT WORKED!!  We decided that since Nick was ornery and only wanted to back to Disneyland and ride Buzz (that's all he's screamed all day long....I think we're sick) we would go to the "Playhouse Disney" show and then go stand in the forever long line for the Toy Story Carnival ride.  We loved it...he loved it and thankfully he decided to be happy for a minute.  The Playhouse Disney show was perfect.  Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Little Einsteins are his favorite shows and this was LIVE!  It made me so happy to see him so happy for a minute!  The Toy Story ride was AWESOME too!  PHEW!  We might survive this day yet!  Next we hit Ariels undersea adventure.  After that we decided to head over to California Screamer. It was awesome. It's my FAVORITE roller coaster.  I love love love it!  The kids loved it too which made me happy.  One of the funny things was when we ran into Tommy Morgan from Tyler's soccer team. Tyler thought that was kinda cool. We decided to see the Muppets show and then theTron show (so not worth the time....it was like a long trailer!) and then we decided to NOT stay for the world of color show.  I wanted to but it had been SUCH a long day and Nick wouldn't stop crying!  So we left and went for Indian food!  Then we went back and swam for a minute to try to relax.  And then Nick's breathing got bad.  Mike ran to the corner store for some meds.  UGH I sure hope this little ones makes it through the night without us trying to search out an urgent care!!

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