Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nick vs. The Hospital Take 3

Well, I was about to put our chocolate Molten Lava cakes on the table when there was a loud crash and Matt started to yell "He's bleeding!" I ran around the table and grabbed Nick. Blood was EVERYWHERE. So we rinsed his head off and quickly realized it was too bad for butterfly's! I called Kami and said "Nick-split-his-head-open-we-have-to-go-can-the-boys-come-over?!?!" She was heading to Idaho but Trav was staying home so she said to send the kids over. And in all actuality that's pretty fitting. Travis saved me when Ty split his head open too. Mike was in BrianHead and so Trav took us and stayed with us the whole time. ANYHOW I digress!
The boys were all freaking out. BAWLING. THey were so worried. We quickly said a prayer and then Tyler and Matt grabbed the dessert and put them all in the freezer, grabbed the two younger ones and walked to the Malan's. I am SO glad that I have such great kids. SO responsible! (and great friends too)ANYWAY having a bleeding head wound makes for quick service in the ER! just under 2 hours start to finish. And for those that have ever seen an ER waiting room on a holiday AND a Sunday you know that that's not too shabby! But it did take a LOT to entertain him! That's a very small room for an active almost 2 year old! A little DP apparently made it a lot better!The Doc was a little concerned that the membrane around the skull was split, but once he got inside it wasn't so, we got 3 stitches inside and 3 staple outside. Nick handled it really well. He didn't like being papoose wrapped but he survived AND cried less and quieter than the lady next to us who's tummy hurt :)Mike got to hold the topical numbing agent on Nick's head. Nick didn't like it but was alright. He did have fun playing with the staple gun!

Nick fell asleep on the way home, which was good. We were able to get the other kids and calm them down a little and get them to bed before he woke up hurting. All in all Nick has once again proven that he's one tough kiddo!


Mike's Woodwork By Design said...

You forgot to mention how quickly YOU grabbed the camera amid all the commotion :)

Liz said...

hahaha well yeah! It helped that I was holding it to take pic's of my yummy cakes!