Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cousin Adventure #1- Johnny's Dairy and Shirt Making!

After much waiting and a very long school year I am pleased to announce that COUSIN ADVENTURES ARE BACK!!! Oh we were all so excited for last Friday. We HAD planned to go to the new splash pad, BUT since it was freezing and raining we were kinda scrambling to come up with a new plan. Well wonderful Megan Crossley came to the rescue when she texted Mike Thursday night and said that Johnny's Dairy was going to have baby farm animals and free chocolate milk on Friday! So we decided to go there and then come back to our house and make our "Cousin Adventure Shirts".

Johnny's Dairy was great. Baby calf's are so cute! The kids were in heaven. Lucas even got head butted! They also had bunnies and you would have thought that my little ones had never seen a rabbit. Not that WE HAVE ONE! oh well. The black and white calf was so hungry that he was sucking on EVERYTHING including Mike's hand. SO FUNNY! After we saw the animals we had some yummy Chocolate Milk, squeaky cheese and french fries!Then the nutty-ness truly began. We had to put each child's hand print on each shirt. The big kids of course were fine but oh the babies! As we were working things got a little nutty. The shirts say "We are family...I've got all my cousins with me". So of course the boys were all singing, which lead to us telling them to get on funky outfits and we'd make a music video..........needless to say when the dad's came in there were less than impressed! hahahahahahahahaha I loved it. I LOVE being with all these nutty boys (and my sister of course)! Can't wait for next week!

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