Sunday, June 6, 2010

Camping With Friends is ALWAYS GREAT!

Well, we finally found a weekend that was sorta dry and so we all jumped at the chance to go on our yearly "friend camp out". The Malan's, Neff's and Voigts joined us up at the Art Nord camp ground. It's a bit of work to haul all of our stuff down to the site but once it's there it's SO worth it! And all of the rain this year has made it so green and pretty. There is a little creek there and the kids spent FOREVER making little boats and sending them own stream. It made for wet, muddy, and VERY HAPPY kids!

The rain started before we were done with dinner and continued WELL into the night. In fact we all cleaned up and went to bed by 9:30! Of course when we got in our tent we found that it is no longer water proof. UGH. After rearranging things SEVERAL times we finally got set up so that our heads were all in the center where it wasn't leaking and our sleeping bags kept our feet mostly dry! (Of course I laid there stressing about the fact that now we needed a new tent and trying to figure out where that money was going to come from!)

ANYWAY the rain let up before we had to get up in the morning so Saturday was perfect!!!!! We had a great food, great friends and fun! The kids found some VERY new baby birds, and put on a great show for us!

After everything was packed up Kami drove our van down the canyon for us and we rode our bikes down the trail. I had never ridden the trail and Mike had said that Isaac could handle it. NOT! It was so rocky and steep that Isaac crashed and then refused to ride anymore. So Mike ended up putting all 3 boys and the bike in the trailer! Luckily it wasn't too LONG. Anyway we made it down all in 1 piece and hurried home so that Mike and I could get cleaned up and get to the Adult Session of Stake Conference! It wasn't long but it was a perfect little getaway!
(Some day we're going to have to get a trailer!)

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