Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cousin Adventure #2 TOY STORY 3!!!

Well, this week's cousin adventure was a no brainer! Toy Story 3 opened Friday and so of course we were going to go!! However you can't just jump into #3. You have to watch 1 and 2 first. So On Wednesday we went to Mary's to watch Toy Story 1. Then on Thursday they came here and we watched #2. THEN on Friday the kids woke up begging to "Go to the MOVIE!" sadly our tickets were for 6:15. It was worth the wait! Everyone LOVED the movie! It was a little intense for the little ones. In fact I had Isaac, Lucas and Nick on my lap at one point. Isaac kept crying and asking when we could leave. BUT in the end they all loved it. The treats we had were awesome too. Toy Story dip sticks. Toy Story Cheezits, and Toy Story gummies. (oh yeah they also had Toy Story Mac-n-Cheese for lunch) LOVED LOVED LOVED this weeks cousin adventure!

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