Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top O' The Mornin To Ye!

I LOVE St. Patty's day! We look forward to it from Valentines Day on! The boys made sure that they were wearing green before they went to bed (you don't want your brothers to get you when you are blurry eyed you know!). Then we started the day with green pancakes (Matt did pinch Mike before he got his green on!), then we had green Ramen for lunch (the noodles totally sucked up the green food coloring!). And our traditional green eggs and ham for dinner! SO much fun!!! I love me some leprechauns!!

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Paul said...

We found a chain going from the Staten side back to some local Ireland royalty back in the day. Now I get to say to Clerie, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!"
She's got Scottish in her, though. I have to be a little extra careful these days. =)