Friday, March 5, 2010

A Bunch of Ski Bums

Today was GREAT! The boys wanted to go skiing REALLY bad. Bad enough that they wanted to spend their own money! So today Mike, Tyler, Matt, Isaac and Lucas left here at 1:00 and headed up to Wolf Mountain. Nick and I headed up after nap time! Mike gave Isaac and Lucas a quick lesson and they were off! I was amazed to see them tearing up the hill when I got there! Tyler and Matt were having a great time too! Nick was just happy to be outside.......until Mike picked him up once and skiied down the hill. Then he refused to come to me. He only wanted his Dad! I spend the day running up and down the little hill helping Lucas get back up and making sure that everyone was ok. I was VERY impressed with the workers up at the resort. They were so helpful with the little kids. One even helped Lucas figure out how to turn. He asked him if he knew where his belly button was. Lucas said "yeah" and pointed. The guy told him to point his belly button whichever way he wanted to go and that would turn his feet. MAGIC!! Each run Lucas yelled "wahoo!!!" The entire time! Isaac however was VERY serious. Smile from ear to ear, but VERY serious! After 4 1/2 hours I took Iz, Lucas and Nick home. Mike, Ty and Matt stayed a few more hours and then headed down the hill. I have a house full of exhausted, sore and HAPPY boys! You can't ask for anything better than that!!!

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