Friday, March 12, 2010


A while ago Tee and Melissa said that they would "love" (haha) to have the boys come and sleep over. So Mike booked us a room at the Providence Inn Bed and Breakfast. Well, needless to say life got a little busy and we pushed it back. Then we were all set to go and......Matt had a basketball tournament come up. We decided to push it back again...but Mike forgot to cancel the reservations and guess what??? You can't cancel with in 7 days of your reservation, but that was ok because we had 10! Here's where the problem comes in. Mike forgot. Just forgot! So we were stuck paying for a room we couldn't use. So after a LOT of finagling and deciding to have the boys skip school (shhh) we headed to Logan last night!

The boys were so excited to stay with Tee and Melissa, and they had the greatest time. They made blanket forts and played video games. Ate yummy food and played more video games. Slept (kinda) and played even more video games! And guess what? Melissa has a DS which made her even cooler in their eyes!

Meanwhile, Mike and I had a yummy dinner and headed to the Inn. I love a jetted tub and a soft bed. I kept waking up during the night thinking "haha! I'm still sleeping!" It was SUBLIME. SLEEP! I LOVE SLEEP!!!

Thanks Tee and Melissa!!

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