Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another WONDERFUL Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas. There really isn't anything better than watching my kids get excited and listening to then talk about Jesus and sing Christmas Carols. ( This year Lucas sang Away In A Manger" over, and over and over........ thousands of times! ) We had fun making a gingerbread house, and I had fun setting up the manger scene that was always in my mom's house while I was growing up. The kids all had fun rearranging the figures just like I always did as a kid!
The Manger (rearranged by Lucas)

The Christmas parties started with the "Staten Family Party". We rode the train Down Town and met there, ate dinner, and walked over to Temple Square to see the lights!

Then on the 23rd we went to Mom and Don's for the "Horrocks-Wittke" Party. We caroled the neighbors, and a yummy dinner and the kids acted out the "Nativity".

Then we were finally to Christmas Eve! One of my FAVORITE parts of Christmas. We all love eating fondue, putting on our little program, and opening jammies! Tyler was our little helper elf this year and that was a lot of fun.

Christmas morning was great as usual! The boys were so excited to give each other their home made gifts! Tyler made very cool wood shields (he did almost all of the work himself!), Matt made very cool leather slings, Isaac made everyone fabric sheaths, Lucas (and mike) turned a VERY COOL wood top for everyone, and Nick gave each boy the same gift that they gave their brothers!! It makes Christmas about giving not receiving and there is nothing better than that!Personally I like the "fallen angel" on the top of the tree!

The "home made" gifts! My Boys ROCK!
Christmas night we went to Mom's for dinner and a sleep over. As usual that was a lot of fun.....but there is a reason we sleep at home! The baby really doesn't like going to sleep other places!

It's sad to see another Christmas come and go, but it sure was wonderful!!

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