Monday, January 4, 2010

For TIme and All Eternity!

Well, on December 29th My Mom and Don were sealed together for "Time and All Eternity" in the Draper Temple. It was a wonderful ceremony and I feel so blessed to have been there. They have both been looking forward to that day since the day they got married (last December) and it was well worth the wait! It is so great to see the both so equally yoked in this marriage. They love each other so completely and as a child that is SO great so see. I am so thankful to Don for loving my mom so much and for giving her the life that she deserves.

It was also so great to be in the Temple with so many people that I love. Mary and Mike, David and Sinda and Stephen and Melissa. All of Mom's siblings (that live in the area), Grandpa and Beverly and a ton of great friends.The drive down was another story......... over 2 hours to make a45 minute drive!!! oh well!

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