Sunday, January 18, 2009

Walking With The Dinosaurs

For Christmas this year we gave the boys tickets to Walking With The Dinosaurs. (The Malan's and Neff's gave their kids tickets too.)

So Wednesday was our day......and the boys were all so excited! Lucas had talked about it for days. He LOVES T-REX. I was a little (lot) stressed about taking the baby, but there wasn't really anyway around that so I said a prayed and went for it. We decided to go to Rumbi Grill for dinner. It was yummy as usual and the kids actually ate really well. I think that they were so exicted to go to the show that they were willing to do anything! Our seats were up high, but I think that with the little ones that was best. Then they could enjoy the dino's from a distance. I have never seen anything like it. The dinosaurs were so realistic. even their skin moved like it should! Tyler and Angelo came up with a plan to work for them when they get older! Nick did great too! I was amamzed. Walking with the Dinosaurs was worth every penny and I would go again today if I could!


The Cantwell Clan said...

Corlin sat and physically shook on my lap nearly the entire first half! Then when the "daddy" dino came and rescued the "kid dino" he was fine for the rest of the show! LOL. It was a great show!

Sen said...

I bet that was a blast! I really thought about taking mine but decided next time would be better since I wouldn't be so prego.