Thursday, January 15, 2009

A GREAT Birthday!

My Birthday this year was great! Mike went way over the top, which I can't complain about too loudly! On Thursday my washer broke. Like DIED broke, and I was stressed. Well on Friday afternoon RC Willey showed up with a NEW STACKING FRONT LOADING WASHER AND DRYER!! I was so excited! Ok, so i know that a lot of people will think that I am crazy, but I do enough laundry to really appreciate a good washer and dryer! We all sat down stairs and watched the washer run! It was so silly, but we all were so excited!

Then Friday night Mike and I went bowling! It goes so much faster without the kids! (And It wasn't even my birthday yet!)

I got even more presents on Saturday! I got a new video camera, and a great book that Matt remembered me saying I wanted clean back in November! I love my family. I also got to go out with friends! Then Saturday night my family all came over for a FABULOUS Czech dinner. Yummy Paprika Chicken! And to top it all off there was another wolf Moon! We pulled out the telescope and watched the moon! I should turn 31 more often!

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Sen said...

Happy Belated Birthday.. I am so happy it was so awesome and thoughtful. I hope my 31st is like that!!!