Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Running Away!

Friday morning Mike and I were have an IM conversation about how worn out we were. Christmas break wasn't the most relaxing time this year. between making our presents, the wedding and the stomach flu we were worn out. Mike asked if there was anyone that I could think of that would take the boys over night. I said "Heck no! Not with the way Lucas sleeps!" and then I asked him if we could make it a small family vacation weekend. So he called one of the Best Western Hotel's on ain street in Logan and scored us a great deal on a suite. So, I started secretly packing! I didn't want the boys to know that we were going anywhere until we got there!

Mike got home around 5:30 and we ate dinner and then we told the boys to grab their coats and shoes and we headed to the van. They were a little curious when we took the dog to Mary's house, but we didn't tell them anything. The 3 little ones fell asleep but Tyler and Matt watched the entire way! Now if you live around here you know that Friday night brought with it a great snow storm. That snow storm and Sardine Canyon caused for a VERY stressful drive! It reminded me of the part of Logan living that I DON'T miss!

Anyway, when we got to Logan and pulled into the Hotel parking lot Tyler and Matt were So excited! But the were also very concerned because they didn't have swimming suits! When I told them that everything they needed was packed in the back of the van they both started to jump up and down and yell. They woke up Isaac and Lucas, who after quickly being brought up to speed, joined in the celebration!

We unloaded the van and Mike and the boys hit the pool! They were so excited! It took us a while to get everyone calmed down enough to sleep, but once they fell asleep there were ALL out for the count! (That almost NEVER happens!)

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and then went on the "Logan Tour" We started with our Town House where we lived when Tyler was born, then hit Gossners for some squeeky cheese! Did you know that they make Jerkey flavored squeeky cheese?

After Gossners we drove past the Logan Hospital because Tyler just HAD to see where he was born! In fact he insisted on a picture in front of the Hospital!

Then we headed up to campus! it was so much fun to see the football stadium (Or as Mike likes to call it "The place where nothing good ever happens"), and the Bull and BRRRRR Aggie Village!

And even though it was FEEZING we had to stop for Aggie Ice cream!

As we were leaving the Ice cream shop we begged a few garbage bags off of the workers and took the boys sledding on Old Main Hill! Ok, so they weren't the best sleds, and we didn't have any snow clothes, but the kids had a blast! A freezy blast, but still a blast!

After sledding everyone wanted to get warm so we headed back to the hotel to go swimming! The great thing about Logan after Christmas and New Years, is that NO ONE was at the hotel! That meant we had the pool to ourselves. Which also means that I was brave and took the baby down too. Mike and I took turns sitting out with him, but it was fun to be doing something fun as a whole family instead of in shifts!

After naps and showers we decided to go and get some dinner. Gia's was closed for some reason so we decided to grab a pizza at the Pizza Factory. You would have thought that we walked into the seediest bar in the world given our children's reaction! There were peanut shells on the floor and the tables have been carved on, but it's clean! But the boys wer ealmost in tears. and Matt "didn't have a good feeling". Mike and I were trying so hard not to laugh! We realized that we don't really hit the college pizza joints with our kids these day! But we got some yummy pizza and the boys got to play pool with Mike and so they were ok...still hesitant, but ok by the time we left!

I had Mike drop me and the baby off at the Hotel and then he and the boys went to see Macey's. I know that doesn't sound like a fun place to go, but working there was a blessing while we were in school. It gave us Sundays off and payed the bills! But little did we know, they built a new HUGE Macey's! So after grabbing a few groceries for Sunday Mike and the boys came back to the Hotel to swim again!

We had the best time in Logan! It was fun to remember were we started out as a small family of 2 (and then 3!). It was fun to get away from all of our "have too's" and just have fun as a family. I love my boys! (Mike's one of my boys too!)

pictures are coming soon!


Brown Family said...

Sounds fun, can I get away too?

ovjamaica said...

Sounds way fun! I'm jealous!

mary said...

oops - last message was actually from me and I didn't know I was signed in as Bishop O. Oops!