Friday, January 9, 2009

My Knight in Shining Armor

I have the world's BEST husband! Yesterday started off normal. We got Tyler and Matt out the door at 7:30 for Chess Club and then Mike helped me get the next round of preschool lessons ready and out to the mom's. Then he went to work and I got busy with normal "Mom stuff". About noon Mike called to see how we were and while we were talking my head started to hurt. Nothing new for me and it wasn't that bad, so i mentioned it and then moved on with our conversation. Then at about 1:00 it got BAD. I im'd Mike and just said "it's getting bad" and next thing I know he's taking his lunch break to bring me a Dr. Pepper and then hurry back to work. In the 15 minutes it took him to get here it had gone from "BAD" to "one of the worst migraine's I've ever had" and I was curled up in a ball crying! He walked in saw me and called work to say he wasn't coming back. He gave me a pain pill, 44oz of Dr. Pepper, covered my bedroom windows with blankets and ushered me to bed. 4 hours later I could stand up. During that time Mike had cleaned up the rest of the Christmas decorations, cleaned up the playroom, picket up carpool, done the dishes, gone birthday shopping, found our lost 10 year old, figured out dinner, cleaned up the garage, brought the baby back and forth for feedings, tried to fix my broken washer, entertained Lucas ( a BIG job) and probably many other things I missed. I LOVE U MIKE!!!


Mike's Woodwork By Design said...

You mean that I spent the afternoon running around doing the kinds of things you do all day every day. So if I'm your knight in shining armor, you're my wonder woman. I love you too, and thanks.

Kristin Sokol said...

I'd pretty much consider that one a keeper. Looks like you know how to pick men to marry.

Love your blog, super cute. Super cute family super cute married couple. Love it all.

Congrats on your mom's wedding.