Friday, October 17, 2008

"A corn maze is where you go to have fun and get lost, and get a little scared!"

Last night was great! Mom came up to spend some time and "do something fun". First she took the boys to Walmart. I know to most this won't seemlike "fun", but since I can't go anywhere with the baby, and there was money burning a hole in Matt's pocket It was the "funnest" thing Matt could think of! Matt was dying to get a new Star Wars toy. I guess the 1000 we have aren't enough! Anyway Mom took all 4 boys and their money and braved the store!

Then she and I went to dinner. Which I think saved my sanity! The walls of my house were getting a little close, and strawberry chicken and Mom saved the day!

After dinner Mom and I took the boys to the "Punkinaze" in West Haven. They have a great corn maze and an even greater giant slide! The boys were so excited when they saw the slide! After getting a momentary slide fix we hit the maze. The boys were a little nervous at first, but Isaac took Mom's hand, Lucas had mine, and Tyler and Matt as usual helped each other! They are so cute together. We all took turns deciding which direction to go, and had a great time getting lost! While we were lost we found our old neighbor Taylor! She's so cute! Anyway, after a while Isaac started to get a bit stressed. I think that the corn walls were feeling a little close! And Lucas kept saying "Scary" and then he'd say "No, not scary. It's just corn!" It was so fun!

Once we found our way out we hit the slide again! The boys had so much fun doing it with Grandma! She's certainly not an old 60!

When we were leaving Isaac said "Well now I know what a corn maze is. It's a place where you go to get lost and get a little scared and have fun!"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

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