Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Brothers

Well, this last week has been great. O.K so it kinda depends on your definition of great, screaming 2 year olds, no sleep and chaos galore, but to me that was great. I am just so happy to be home with my family!

We gave the 4 older boys shirts that said "I'm the big brother!" and they were so proud of them! I wasn't sure if Tyler and Matt would want to wear them but they were both so excited! Tyler even wore an under shirt so that at lunch he could take off his new shirt and not get it dirty! They were all so cute! I love being the mom of 5 boys.

BTW I have to share another funny "Isaac-ism" the other day we were talking about Nicholas and his time in the NICU and Isaac said "I am so glad that Nick isn't in the "binky-vader" anymore. That wasn't fun. I wouldn't want to be in a box all day long". I had ot bite my cheeks! He is so cute some times!

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mary said...

I love the "binky-vader" - I hadn't heard that! How funny! I'm glad you wrote it down!!