Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home Stretch

I got things set up now so it will say I post when I post, and Liz posts when Liz posts, rather than how it was. Sorry if things were confusing.

Liz is staying at the hospital again now so she can nurse the baby every three hours. The Boys are taking turns spending the night with her. It's a great sleep over adventure! Nicholas doing great! He's off of oxygen, has no more IV's, and they didn't use the stomach feeding at all this morning because he nursed so well. If he keeps this up for a couple of days, gaining weight in the process, he'll be able to come home!! It's a little crazy at home, without Liz there again, and with me back at work, and with a bunch of tomatoes to can tonight :) I just can't get enough, can I? Hopefully things will be settling down when Nicholas comes home.

Thanks again to the friends and family who have helped so much - we have crib bedding all done (Thanks to Jamie Neff), the nursery finished, and everything ready for Nicholas to come home now, except I have to get out and wash the baby clothes. Well, two days to get that done. We'll make it.

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The Cantwell Clan said...

that is GREAT news! I'm so glad she gets to nurse him now, what an amazing thing! What's a good number I can reach her at??