Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preschool Talents and Jr. High Preschool:)

Today we had the preschool talent show.  I LOVE this lesson.  I love that when they are little they have a better view of what a talent is.  They aren't yet stuck with the idea that you have to sing or dance or play a sport to be talented.  This year we had one boy do a puzzle in less than 2 minutes.  One did karate.  One did  ninja sword tricks, one did flips on the tramp, one sang and one rode his bike.  I LOVED it!

Then we packed the kids up and went to visit Tyler's Jr. High class which was putting on a preschool for 2 days.  The preschoolers were great and Nick loved being there with Tyler....and I think Tyler loved having Nick there too!

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