Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Time Fun!

I love spring.  I love getting outside and enjoying the sunshine!  It's a time for kite flying, bike riding and yard work:)

I love flying kites.  I am terrible at it but I always enjoy doing it with the kids!  Today was fun but since it was just ME helping the 3 kids it was a little tough.  UNTIL Christiansen's  came by and John helped out:) I love great neighbors!

One of the coolest things this spring was starting to ride with Mary.  I know that she probably isn't overly thrilled but I LOVE it.  I love the time with her. I love that she goes out and rides hard and fast (even though she doesn't think she does) and I love that together we can do anything!  Even when Mary cross chains her bike and falls OFF THE SIDE OF THE TRAIL!  Thank goodness she wasn't hurt!

I got to take Nick and the Preschoolers to the grocery store on a field trip!

We went and watched Danny in his first crit race.

Matt played a lot of Futsol

And we started to rebuild out garden boxes.....UGH....but it will be so nice when its done!  After we worked all day we had a fire with the kids.  I hope to get the yard to a point where I enjoy being in it:)

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