Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bear Lake Brawl

Mike decided that he was going to do a triathlon this year. Not a sprint distance but an olympic distance.... He's a little nuts but I love him:)   As he trained Tyler started to get excited and wanted to do he and Joey and Angelo decided to relay the sprint distance.  It made for a fun weekend trip to Bear Lake and a great day spent cheering on my wonderful husband and son.  Mike's swim was his slowest time of the 3 events.  His Bike was his fastest....he average speed was 22 mph! And most impressive (in my opinion) he ran the whole 10k!


Angelo swam well, his time was 26.24.  Joey's run time was 23.17 and Ty's bike time was 39.56 for an average mph of 18.7!

Way to go my amazing Staten Men!

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