Sunday, October 9, 2011

Farewell Corny

This morning we woke up all excited for the baptism......until a dark shadow was cast on our day. We found Corny dead. Poor Isaac. He loved that snake. Mike and I promised that we'd find him a new one ASAP once the baptism was over. He then said a prayer that he would be able to enjoy this day even though the best snake ever died. I had to hide my giggle. He was so cute and so upset and so sweet. We were able to put it in the back of our minds and enjoy the baptism :) AND then we found that Saturday night was the last night of the reptile expo! PERFECT timing! Ty and Matt babysat and we took Isaac on a snake shopping date! After making the rounds at the expo Isaac found the perfect albino corn snake. And Mike found the perfect Nelson Milk snake. Yup that makes 6. Isaac was very concerned that I didn't have my own. I so selflessly declined. Told him our budget could only handle 2 snakes :) Isaac decided to name his snake Corn Flower. Mike's is named Mandela. hehehe.

After the expo we took Isaac to eat at Red Lobster. Isaac LOVED being the center of attention and I LOVED my time with my sweet Isaac!

On Sunday we had a great grave side service and burial . Isaac gave a great eulogy. He talked about what a nice snake Corny was and that he always ate when we fed him (which if you've ever had a snake you'll know that IS a feat) and just "the best snake ever!" Then we buried him. I had pic's but once again.....dang sd card:(

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