Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crazy Life

Things have been a little NUTS this week. Don's been sick, and "sick" quickly turned into "critical" when his kidneys shut down. He ended up in ICU. We were all a LOT stressed. I wasn't sure what to do, since we were babysitting Mary and Mike's kids. I didn't want to leave Mike with all of them, BUT I felt like I needed to go and help mom and see Don. Mike didn't even hesitate. He sent me and took over caring for 8 little boys. He's the best! Anyway, I got to the hospital and I was a little shocked at how sick he really was. I got to see him and then (the upside to it all) I got to visit with my family. Around midnight everyone went home and I finally talked mom into going home to bed. THAT of course was easier said than done, but finally around 2 we fell asleep.

Friday morning we got an early start.....and headed back to the hospital. Don was looking so much better! THe ICU nurse kept saying that he was the healthiest patient she had! I kept thinking that I needed to head home to help Mike.....He had work to do and a scout camp to prepare for! Every time I thought about leaving though.......I had the thought "nah just wait until they move him to his regular room". I cycled through this like 3-4 times. I just figured that Mom needed company. I hung out and chatted. Looked at Brian's great pic's from his safari! It was all very nice.... Until they tried to move him to a regular room that is. They got him to his room and the nurse was helping him shower and he went down. It wasn't good. Mom wasn't good. In fact I've never seen her like that. EVER. My first thought was "have Mike call Glade. We need Glade." and then "I need Mike to text everyone else". He got a hold of Glade right before Glade took the 215 exit. He was able to jump off the freeway and get to the hospital SO FAST! Kami was right behind him. It was so nice to have their help and support. I'm also so glad that Don Jr. was there too. Suddenly everyone was VERY worried. No one could figure out what was going on. They decided to transfer him to LDS because it's a bigger hospital with more Doc's and more facilities. About this time Mike was picking up kids from school.....and finding someone to take his place on the camp out. What a great hubby I have. Once we got Don settled up at LDS we started the waiting game again. There were a lot of people there so Glade and Kami and I hung out in the waiting room. The upside to it all was that we got to Skype with Darwin, Bonnie, Blaine and DeAnn. Times like these aren't always fun but I sure do love my family and there is a strength that comes from just being together. Talking to each other. Loving each other. Anyway, after we grabbed some dinner with David and Sinda, and tests were being run I finally felt like it was ok to go home. I was running on fumes and needed to make it home in one piece! I made David promise to get mom a cot set up and made her promise to sleep. And then I took off. While I was on my way home David called to say that the scan had shown a pulmonary embolism. Finally an answer. I am so glad that he had an answer. Phew. They think it was due to the bladder sitting on the veins. Blood clots formed. BUT the good news is that it's should be an isolated event. I got home to a boy filled house and a wonderful husband. I have no idea what I would do without him. He is honestly amazing. How many men would stay home with 8 boys? He had to get 6 kids to 3 different schools! 2 toddlers.....yup amazing!

Saturday was nice. Nuts, but so nice to be home with my kids. I love them so much. I was so thankful that Don was ok. The Doctors said he was on the upswing again. His kidney function was coming back on its own, which again showed that it wasn't a chronic thing. We took the kids (all 8) to see grandpa on our way to a soccer game:) I think that they were all so relieved. I think it was good for Don to see them. Don was up and sitting in a chair! That was so huge! We then took the Oveson's to Gma and Gpa Oveson and went to soccer! After soccer Ty and i went back tot he hospital and Don had been moved to a "regular room" ! He made it this time! Tee and Melissa were there this time, and again it was such a relief to see my brother and sister in law that I love so much. I went home knowing that it was going to be a few days of hospital but that Don was going to alright. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for helping him through this. For helping all of us through this. I don't know what we'd all do without Don.

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