Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pow Wow Party!!!

This year Matt's birthday party kinda got.......postponed :( With all of the soccer and baseball nuttyness we really had a hard time finding time! SO, I really wanted to do something fun for him. I found out about the Heber Valley Pow Wow and Matt LOVED the idea. We took Caleb, Jess and Jamie, the Oveson's and Mom and Don and went to Midway! It was so much fun!!! It was so fun to watch the dancers and listen to the drums and the singers. We took everything for Navajo Taco's (yum) and Matt safe cupcakes! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! Happy belated birthday Matt!!

Don became friends with this man. He was also a Vietman Vet. In fact he was held for 177 days in Cambodia as a P.O.W. He escaped by overpowering one of the NVA guards and escaping with six other Americans!!

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