Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cousin Adventure.....Atkinson Style:)

A funeral's never "great" but having the Atkinson's here was more than great, it was awesome!!! We don't get a lot of time with our California cousins, but when we do we make every minute count! It started with a picnic at the park the night of the funeral.

Then on Monday we played at the dinosaur park.

Then on Tuesday we hit the train museum, the Browning museum, played on the trains outside of Union station (I took pictures on my phone and then....lost my phone :( ), had a BBQ and played in the water......a very busy but fun day! Everyone was so sad when we woke up on Wednesday and they asked what we were doing with "the cousins" only to find out that they had already left for California! Now all we can do is wait until next time we get to see them and make all sorts of exciting plans!!

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