Saturday, March 26, 2011

A MUCH Needed Get Away!

BEFORE I got sick we had scheduled a weekend getaway to Park City before soccer madness started. Mike and I really felt like it would be nice to just get away and relax as a family. Well, then I got so sick that death sounded like a VERY nice option and we were thinking maybe we should cancel. The kids were devastated and so I decided that I could be sick there just as well as I could be sick at home AND there was a hot tub there :)

We grabbed Isaac from school a little early (the other 2 were home sick too) and headed to Park City! Lucas talked the ENTIRE TIME we were in the car. He never stops. Ever. The whole way he taught his brothers about Valleys and Canyons, pointed out the Dam's that we passed and told the others about his trip to Midway last fall for Swiss Days. I swear he never forgets anything.

Once in Park City we hit the outlets really fast got the kids a few new things, ate dinner and headed to the hotel to relax! Dinner was miserable. Ok that's not fair. Everyone else loved their food. My cup of soup and mashed potatoes hurt so much that they didn't even taste good. BUT once we were back to the hotel and I was sitting in the hot tub I felt better! The pool was great and the hot tub was nice BUT the kids really liked the pool and ping pong tables! It provided hours of entertainment! They swam and played until they were exhausted and then we all crashed early! Well, not everyone. Mike went down and exercised while we slept :)The next morning we had a yummy (or so they tell me) breakfast, swam some more and headed home. Sorta. We stopped to get the kids lunch and then started home. We decided to drive home through Jeramy Ranch. We got there and the road was closed. So we headed back to get on the freeway and got maybe 10 minutes down the road and I realized we had left my laptop. BACK again! Thankfully housekeeping found it and it was there waiting for us! FINALLY we headed home for real. By the time we made it home I was beat! But this was the good kind of tired. The kind that comes from playing with my wonderful family!

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