Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're Thankful For.....

Last night at FHE we talked about gratitude. We have so very much to be thankful for, and after Mike's lesson we went around and let everyone list one thing at a time that they were thankful for. SO, here's the list:


The Stupid Cow talk from Conference, the Holy Ghost, Bodies, arms, eyes, hair, food to eat, Jesus and Heavenly Father, preschool, cups, drinks, money, and NO living dinosaurs.

Christmas, nice cozy bed, good parents, a Prophet, family, learning at church and school, coats, and TV.

Good friends, books, the Harry Potter wand sale which makes it so we can pay for our car repairs!!, a free country, church

A good school, that I can go to church, scriptures, a toilet, our house, peace, Priesthood, and entertainment.

Family, Friends, Temple blessings, a washer and dryer, good boys that take care of each other, boneless skinless chicken breasts, cars, good mechanics, and church callings.

Testimony of the Gospel, forgiveness, inspiration, hot water, disposable diapers, a loving Heavenly Father who is real, and work.

I love my family. I love that last night's FHE put everything back into perspective for me. I was a little stressed and upset because of our sudden car problems. It's going to take all that we had left from the wand sale. For a split second I was frustrated. BUT then I was shocked out of those feelings with the realization that the van held out and didn't break down until we had the money to pay for it. WHAT A BLESSING! Man we're lucky. Actually, we're blessed by a loving Heavenly Father every second or every day. :)

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