Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where In The World Did 12 Years Go???

Today has been one of those days that feels like a dream. My sweet Tyler is 12 today and I really can't believe it. I swear that he was just a teeny little 8lb 5oz sweet smelling baby! I don't know how he turned into a darling, sweet, smart, talented boy. AHHHHH! We've had a great 2 day celebrating's the run down!

Yesterday after soccer Mike and I took Tyler to dinner at the Garden Restaurant in the Joseph Smith Memorial building. We sat, looking out over the Temple grounds, eating yummy food and talking about the priesthood and what it meant for him. It was one of the best dinners I've ever had. Ty was so happy, and SO hungry!! He was so excited to have the shrimp platter, a french dip sandwich and some creme brulee!! Our waiter noticed that something big was going on and took a special interest in him. He noticed Ty looking at the roof and told him that as soon as he had a little bit of time he would open it for him. Ty had no idea that the glass ceiling slid all the way open! He thought it was "SO COOL!" Our waiter also brought Ty a huge piece of cake with a candle on top. Of course Mike still wanted Ty to get the creme brulle so everyone was STUFFED when we left! We let Ty explore the building for a bit and then headed home to get ready for today!

Everything went so smoothly this morning while we were getting ready for church that I was shocked. :) Tyler was so excited to get to church, get his birthday stuff from primary and get to Priesthood!! Mom and Don, Tee and Melissa came up/down for the whole block which was fun! During Sunday school Tee had to get up and leave so that he could take a picture of his watch at exactly 10:10.10 on 10-10-10!!! He stuck his head into Mike and Ty's class to tell them too, which Ty loved! By the time we got to Sacrament meeting Mike's Mom and Dad, Paul and Clerie, Danny and Melanie and Mary and the boys were all there. We have a very supportive family! It's a weird, but great feeling to sustain your own son's advancement in the Priesthood! Testimony meeting was great and my sweet wonderful boys bore such amazing and sweet testimonies. Isaac is especially amazing. Both Grandpa's and Grandma Staten also share their testimonies which was a neat thing for all of us.

After the meeting we all gathered in the hall and found David, Sinda and Grandpa and Beverly! The Bishop had us all try to come into his office.....I say tried because we didn't fit. We went to the overflow and even that was a little crowded! It was such a special moment for me to see Tyler surrounded by so many strong worthy Priesthood holders. My boys are so lucky to have so many good examples to follow and so many men that they can turn to when they need help. The blessing that Mike gave was beautiful and I cried through the whole thing. In the circle were Mike, Bishop Foster, Grandpa Ridd, Grandpa Staten, Grandpa Wittke, Uncle's Mike, David, Stephen, Danny, Paul, Travis Malan, and Dennis Voigt. John Christiansen, Brother Perkins and James Lisonbee were also there but there wasn't really room :) Ammon Porter and Logan Voigt were also there from the Deacons quorum. (There were also a lot of wonderful, loving caring women there too!!)

Then we all came home (were joined by the Neff's) and had yummy Cafe Rio food, cake & ice cream and presents! It was fun to just relax and be with people we love! It was a wonderful, perfect beautiful day!!! Happy Birthday my wonderful Tyler Michael!!!

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