Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference October 2010

I'm always sad when Conference is over. I love preparing for it and getting the kids all hyped and ready. I try to spend the week before reviewing the names and pictures of the Apostles with the kids and asking them what they think we'll hear. It's just so nice to have an excuse to spend so much time focused on the spiritual aspects of life. ( I know I shouldn't need one :) but sometimes.....) ANYWAY, we heard a lot of the Saturday morning session while we waited for Matt's soccer game to start, Elder Holland had me in tears. After soccer we went home and got our Conference treats ready and settled in for the afternoon session. LOVED it. LOVED that my kids love it. Then the really important part of Conference weekend came......PRIESTHOOD SESSION!!!! Tyler will be 12 next Sunday so he asked the Bishop if he could go with Mike and of course he said yes. Ty took 4 pages of great notes and said that he was sad when it ended. Oh I love that kid. Sunday was wonderful, relaxing and VERY spiritual. Here are everyone's thoughts:

Favorite conference talks

Mike-Elder Patrick Kearon's talk at Priesthood Conference. How because he wasn't following exactly what his parents had said he thought he was going to die. We need to listen exactly. President Monson also talked about how we need to not stray from the Iron Rod AT ALL. It's easier to be obedient 100% of the time that 98% of the time. Be ye clean ye vessels of the Lord.

Me- ‎"The Lord is voting for me, Lucifer is voting against me, but it's my vote that counts." & "No Battle or Ballot can change the laws of God-Boyd K. Packer.

*Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication*

We often take for granted people who deserve our gratitude."-President Monson

I also Loved Elder Holland's talk. It made me think about selfless service. We don't serve or help people so that they will say thank you or so that everyone will know how cool we are. We do it because we want to serve. We want to be like the savior.

Tyler- My favorite was in Priesthood session by President Uchdorf about pride. Pride can destroy us. We have to work to humble ourselves then we can get the pride out of our lives. If we work hard serving the Lord and those around us then we'll be humble and be able to get the pride out of our lives. I also liked the scorpion talk. I liked how it applied to us. How we don't really listen. We think we know more than our parents and our leaders. How we all need to try hard to listen and obey exactly.

Matt- President Packers talk and the Stupid cow talk, and Elder Perry's talk about the priesthood. I like how like President Packer told us that some of us aren't being modest. And how we think we're being modest but aren't. We need to pay attention. Elder Perry's talk about the priesthood. And how cool it was that he was there to help give his grandson and great grandson the priesthood. The stupid cow talk was cool because the one side was good and had been prepared for the cow. That good field represents like righteousness and living well, the fence the commandments and if we break that fence we will get into trouble and get hurt.

Isaac-The one about the stupid cow. The cow loved the wheat so much that it broke through the fence. It ate so much that it looked like a balloon. The man said "stupid cow" and he ran to get help but the cow was dead by the time he got back. The fence represents the commandments and the Wheat represents all of the drugs and bad things that are in the world that can hurt our bodies and our spirits. We need to stay on the right side of the fence.

Lucas- President Monson's. People should NOT do bad things and say thank you to Heavenly Father for what we have. I also liked the cow talk . The cow died because he ate too much wheat and it's bad for cows. If we do bad things we can kill the spirit in us.

Nick- :) Treats

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Tauni said...

I loved all those same talks :) Holland's talk pierced my soul. I also really enjoyed Uchtdorf and Eyrings talks. Very good conference indeed.

I thought it was so sad that Elder Packers AMAZING talk was made to be so controversial. So sad that the evil had to attack it. I love that your children picked his talk as a favorite! You are a good mom and it shows!!