Sunday, February 21, 2010


February is a little nutty around here. Lucas, Zach and Preston have Birthdays that are all with in 4 days. That means that we have a LOT of parties! Yesterday we started the day with Lucas' Harry Potter friend party.

He was so excited and we tried dour hardest to make it everything he wanted! We played Don't Eat Pete (Harry Potter style), Pin the Quaffel in goal hoops, Ron, Ron, Harry (Duck Duck Goose) and a Zebra (?) Pinata! We had a yummy Golden Snitch cake and some crackling potion (gaterade and pop rocks), and everyone left with a "Young Wizards Survival Pack" (chocolate dipped licorice wands, chocolate dipped frogs, Bernie Botts beans, Ton-tounge Taffy, galleons, Droobles best blowing gum, bugs for parts in potions, and a sneak-a-scope)

It was a GREAT party!

Then we ate lunch and headed to Zach's friend party! It was an awesome Magic tree house party and I have to say, Mary did an awesome job (as usual)

Tonight we had a Pirate family party, but that is going to have to come tomorrow!

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