Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"More More More"

About a month age Nick had a bad stomach flu. He lost a pound and was one sick little guy. Ever since then he seems to think that he is STARVING all of the time! He signs "MORE" almost 24-7. The funny thing is he eats every time he signs it! Here's a run down of a typical day's menu.

6:30 a bowl of oatmeal
7:00 a bowl of cereal
8:30 more oatmeal
10:00 fruit snack or crackers
12:00 lunch
2:00 bowl of oatmeal
3:00 yogurt
4:30 crackers
5:30 dinner
7:00 bowl of oatmeal
8:30 bowl of oatmeal

And the funny thing is he really thinks he is Starving! You would have thought that Tyler and Matt would be eating us out of house and home, but nope! It's Nick!


Eva Persson said...

Maybe he needs a little more protein in that menu. Carbs aren't so much into satisfying hunger as giving a sugar high then a serious sugar low. Just a thought.

mary said...

That's so nutty! He must be growing...

Liz said...

Yeah I forgot to add the corn dogs and tamales that he eats like candy.....