Monday, February 8, 2010

Nail Polish!

Ok, so I NEVER paint my nails anymore. It's WAY to hard to paint them and have them dry before I have to help a child. But for that rare occasion where I feel like "dressing it all up" I still have the stuff in the bathroom. Well today Lucas found it and asked me to paint his nails. I did one hand in green sparkles and told him that once the baby was asleep I would do the other one. Well things got busy and we forgot. Forgot until Isaac came home and saw it on the counter that is!
I saw them in the bathroom painting each others toe nails. I decided to let it go and told them to stay in the bathroom until they were dry and to only paint nails. I SO SHOULD HAVE JUST TAKEN IT AWAY!!! A couple of minutes later I looked in on them and FREAKED! It looked like Nick was bleeding down his face! Well, really it was "just" nail polish. ALL OVER IN HIS HAIR AND RUNNING DOWN HIS FACE! GRRRRRRR!!! Thank goodness Kami had acetone nail polish remover and I was able to get it out of his hair.


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