Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Lucas is at such a cute age!!! I just have to share a few of the latest!

The other day we were at dinner and Lucas stood up and shouted...
"I've got it!!!! I know where I'm going to go on my mission!!! Candyland!!!"

This morning I was trying to get things moving and Lucas decided that he needed to go to Walmart RIGHT NOW! I hadn't gotten ready yet and this is the conversation that followed...

Lucas :"Mom let's GO NOW!!!"
Me:"Honey look at me. I can't go to the store like this"
Lucas:"But Mommy I love you like this! You look beautiful"

I laughed and laughed all the way to Walmart!

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mary said...

Lucas is so funny! He cracks me up! I haven't looked at blogs forever! It was fun to read all your new posts!